D.A.N.C.E. & W.A.L.T.Z.

Sacred Technologies

This creative practice is a sacred technology that allows you to love and accept all of you…your amazing Soul essence as well as your delightful human personality known as ego.

For too long we have been taught to fight, hate, fear, beat back and concur the ego, yet without it, we cannot be fully human…it is our personality.

Your ego has a vital role in your life, however, when you are not living consciously and on purpose, the ego drives the bus instead of being a passenger. How do you lure it out of the driver’s seat? By listening to it and loving it.

Energy Grounding


As you work more deeply with Spiritual energy it is important to stay grounded. Just like electricity must be grounded in the earth to prevent a fire breaking out, you must ground your body so you don’t burn out as energy flows through you.

In this course, we will cover what grounding is, how to clear your space energetically and how to contain your energy field for maximum protection.

Intuitive Skills




Pendulum Dowsing


Oracle Card Reading


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