Saturday, April 14th thru Monday, April 16th

is the period of the Dark Moon

Sorry you missed the live Circle but all is not lost…

just tell me where to send the recording and I will get right on it!

Plus, you will receive the Dark Moon in Aries Playbook

Join in and uncover the mysteries held in the Dark Moon

Send the recording of the Circle

and the Playbook, Please!

Your info is safe! We don’t spam and NEVER share your information with anyone else.

The Dark Moon is the day before, day of and day after the New Moon

This mystical time can throw you into emotional chaos


supercharge your feminine wisdom and power!

Come on this Journey and meet yourself at a deeper level than ever before

in Sacred Circle with those who love you unconditionally!

Please, if at all possible enjoy the recording

during the Dark Moon for the most powerful outcome!

During our time together we will also tour the Sophia Society.

The spiritual work you have done

so far has been wonderful but…

you know there is more…

and you are ready!

You are ready for Spiritual Life Mastery

based on Practical Spirituality!

Spirit called forth the Sophia Society ~

come see if it feels right for you now!

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