Welcome, Beloved, to the Sophia Temple!

Let’s Complete Your Registration

First: Ask To Join The Sophia Temple FB Group Click Here

We use Messenger for Temple notifications. I should be able to add you once you join the FB Group (we do not use the group regularly).

Second: Pick up your supplies below…

I can not express how honored I am you have chosen to join us!

Welcome to the Journey! You are a foundation stone of what Spirit is building here through us.

Sophia means Wisdom, as well as being the name of my Spirit team, and this is the Temple of beloveds that Sophia has called together for this time and space. I am so honored by your presence!!

One of the most important aspects of the Temple is that I am blessing each and every one of you – those who have made your way here and those we are calling in with what I call the All-Is-Well Energy Field.

What I mean is you are being held by myself and all those who love you unconditionally in the high vibe energy field of love, acceptance and possibility. You are seen as perfect, whole and complete! It is my daily practice and joy to hold this container for you.

If you do not have your D.A.N.C.E. Journal™ Kit…Click Here to download it. We use D.A.N.C.E. Journal in our Full Moon Circles and in our daily practice.

Click Here for a short meditation to discover your personal color meanings…we use this form of Intuitive Art in both the Academy and the Temple.

I am certified to share this method and love to introduce you to the creator, Rachel! 

More information is coming as we expand into what is being called forth by Spirit. 

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